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Book of Enlightenment For the Instruction of the Inquirer By Jacob, Son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans, Nablous, Palestine. Translated by A. Ben Kori [Pacific University] Edited by William E. Barton.

The Messianic Hope Of The Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans Translator from the Arabic by Abdullah Ben Kori, Professor of Arabic at Pacific University Edited with an Introduction by William Eleazar Barton, Reprinted from the Open Court, May and Sept, 1907

The Samaritan Chronicle Or The Book of Joshua, the son of Nun. by Oliver Turnbull Crane, 1890


  • Scholars' Articles


Bowman, John  [Melbourne]

Conder, Claude R.


Corinaldi, Michael [Jerusalem]


Cowley, Arthur E.            


Deutsch, Emanuel


Eliasov, Rabbi Monty  [Austin, Texas, USA]


Fryer, Alfred C.

Gaster, Moses:


Grabbe, Lester L.[University of Hull]


Gray, Frederick T. (Publisher),

Halkin, A.S. 1935-6

Hjelm, Ingrid [University of Copenhagen]

Ireton, Sean

Kaufman, Stephen  [ Tel Aviv University] 

James D. Purvis [Boston University]  

Landau, David


Nevin, John W.

Pummer, Reinhard [The University of Ottawa]

Robertson, Edward

Schur, Nathan [Tel Aviv]

Shehadeh, Haseeb  [University of Helsinki]


Terkan, Fehrullah [Ankara University, Turkey]


Thomson, W. M.


Tsedaka, Benyamim (A.B. The Samaritan News)

Wilson, Capt. and R. E. Warren


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Samaritan DNA

The Sounds of Samaritan Music

The Music of the Forefathers and the Roots of the People of Israel

The Samaritan Singers Ensembles Of Gerizim Mountain and Holon in the Holy Land

Director & Conductor: Benyamim Tsedaka



Download the Samaritan Singers music for your relaxing listening entertainment. You have never heard anything like it in your life!


1.  "TIBIYAMU U TITAAMU"- "And you god will bring Israel and place him in your place -(The song of the sea-Exodus 15:17)


2."ELAEE THAR GARIZEM"-"The god of mount Gerizim and the master of the world "


3. "EH ABRAHAM"- "Hooo Abraham and his righteousness "


4. "ELA RAB U LIT KABATE"-"The greatest god who is none as him"


5. "LEHELUWEM ASHLEMET" -"The glory is for god"



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