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October 25th, 2001

Shemini Azeret  took place on October 8th- Shemini Azeret (Simhat Torah, literally meaning, the rejoicing of the Torah) began at sunset on the 22nd day of the seventh month, which is this year on October 7th till sunset on the 8th. No work was permitted on this day. After prayers, which began shortly after midnight and continued for more than ten hours, like the prayers of all the holidays and festivals. At the end of the day the priest carried the Torah around the synagogue while the people gave a standing ovation.

A Samaritan Wedding took place. Nira (Osher's sister) and Ronnen married on Tuesday evening of the 12th. Osher says, "you have to see me in the suit (a real Broker LOL )." Osher now has a brother-in-law. Congratulations to Nira and Ronnen and their families. May you be blessed!

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The Book of Enlightenment For the Inquirer

 I have been asked, concerning the wonders which took place with respect to Pharaoh and his people, How long did each and all of the plagues last?

The answer is as follows: - As to the period during which the wonders took place by the hand of our lord, the apostle Moses (upon whom be peace), while he was in Egypt, it was that of two months and a half.
   The first wonder took place in the eleventh month, and the last took place in the first. It is so affirmed by our traditions, handed down from father to son, and is so accepted and agreed upon by the people of Israel.
   We believe that the wonder of the staff that turned into a serpent lasted less than a single day. As to the wonder of blood, it lasted seven days; for we read: “And seven days were fulfilled after Jehovah had smitten the river.” The period of the wonder of frogs lasted two days. That of the plague of lice is not mentioned. Some assert that the plague has continued on Egypt ever since that day.
   The plague of flies lasted only one day, and left them on the day following. The miracle of the destruction of the cattle lasted only one hour. As to the wonder of the boils with blains, it lasted a whole week. The miracle with the hail lasted one day; likewise lasted the plague of locusts. The miracle of darkness lasted three days, as we read: “For a period of three days no man saw his brother.” The period of the killing of the first-born lasted one single hour. To one who might make the statement that these periods would not make out the total time of two and one half months, as previously indicated, the answer is, that there transpired some intervals of time between one miracle and another. It is asserted that the time divisions were uniform, and that each was of seven days, including the period of each miracle and the interval; for, as soon as the miracle of blood ceased, the Nile let loose on them its frogs, and the whole earth was filled with them. However, a certain amount of space elapsed after each miracle, that the two apostles might have time to carry their message to Pharaoh and to receive his reply thereto, and act accordingly. Thus the whole period of miracles amounted to two months and a half. And God possesses the best knowledge of all things.

From the Book of Enlightenment For the Instruction of the Inquirer (This book will soon be found in full at our website.)
By Jacob, Son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans, Nablous, Palestine. 1913
Translated from the Arabic by Professor A. Ben Kori.

Questions concerning the Samaritans

   Do the Samaritans believe in another like Moses?

  Yes, the Samaritan-Israel believes in the Taheb.  The word Taheb means restore or return. It must also be noted that the word ‘taheb’ when not used as a proper name means, ‘repentant.’ This word “Taheb” in the proper name signifies the glory of “The return to God.” May we be prepared in the days to come! There are two meanings to this word deriving to an end meaning. First, the ‘Taheb’ is the return of the tribes back to Israel, to the true word of the Torah. Secondly, there will come a restorer, a prophet like Moses according to Deuteronomy xviii, 15 and 18.  This restorer will carry the rod of Moses working signs to prove of his mission. He will not be a priest but a prophet. His name is not known. He will join Ephraim (Israel) and Judah unto the once original Israel to the initial place of worship on Mount Gerizim. He will restore all that was lost through the years from the Torah. He will discover and erect the Tabernacle with its vessels that were buried in a cave beneath the mount (buried 261 years after Moses’ death) along with the Omer of Manna. He will place the Ark of the Testimony in its proper place. The Priests will again serve in the Tabernacle where the offerings will continue to be made. The High Priest will make atonement for himself and the congregation.

   The Taheb’s reign is compared to that of Joseph in Egypt where comes no suffering or toil. This servant of our Creator will bring final and irrevocable salvation to Israel for all time. The people will repent and renew their part of the covenant to its proper status. The promise given to the ancient Hebrews will finally be kept forever. In accomplishing his designed task he will die and be buried among the ‘Pure-Ones’ at the foot of Mount Gerizim.

        “A Restorer [Taheb] will come in peace; he will rule the places of the perfect and reveal the Truth. Heed and hear! Stand in Truth! Clear your arguments!  "For YHWH will judge his people" (Deut 32:36a): The "people" of YHWH is Jacob, the branches and the chief root, and the branches from fathers to sons; from Noah, the root, even to the Restorer, the branch... The word of Truth will penetrate and illumine the world, in which he will come to dwell. How great is the hour when one comes to hear the voice of God walking throughout the world; and all creatures shall be in order and bow their heads; their hearts will shiver and their eyes droop and their limbs shake from fear on the Day of Judgment. And the mouth of Deity will speak: "Now see that I, I am he [ani ani hu]!" (Deut 32:39a) Those who rest and know this will then be saved. "See, I have taught you rules and judgments" (Deut 4:5). "Only be on your guard" (Deut 4:9)! I, I (am) he who stands above creation and above Mount Sinai! I, I (am) he who is and there is none beside me! I, I (am) he who is without time and without place! I, I (am) he who is the life of the world [chayyei 'olam]! I, I (am) he who suspended and split by my power! I, I (am) he who planted the Garden and uprooted Sodom!  I, I (am) he who uprooted and stripped away! I, I (am) he to whom all belongs and to whom (all) return! I, I (am) he who puts all the living to death and makes all the dead live! I, I (am) he who encircles my foes with vengeance! And now it is good for us to rely on the Truth and to tremble because of his might! Perhaps we will find the way of prosperity!”  (From the Samaritan book, Marqah, Memar 4.7, 12)

The Samaritan Chronicle Or The Book of Joshua, the son of Nun.
Written by Oliver Turnbull Crane, M.A., 1890, 



   When it was the mourning of the second day (of the week), the first (day) of the year 361 of the reign of Divine favor- which day is known for greatest calamity and mightiest disaster and long lasting sorrow and wide-spread grief, which is like unto the day on which our father Adam was expelled from the garden, even the day in which was announced his death and the death of his seed- ‘Ozi (Phinahas), the imam (priest), the saint of God whose greatness was spoiled and whose glory was ruined and whose holiness was destroyed and whose light was extinguished, passed, in the mourning of this day- the calamities of which have been mentioned- to the temple, and lifted up the veil of the inner holy house, and he beheld none of the signs of Divine favor. And he looked, and lo! dense darkness, and a black cloud spread abroad within the house, and he remained performing alternate service during the third day and the fourth; and when it was the morning of the fifth day, he looked at this darkness, and lo! it had spread and enveloped the foundations of the house; and then he knew that God- Mighty and Powerful- had become angry at them, and had taken away the light of His omnipotence and mercy and compassion from the place and from the children of Israil. And he began to gather up the vestments of the temple and the vessels of gold and silver, which had been from the days of the Prophet- peace be upon him,- and went out from the tabernacle. And God revealed unto him, in the Blessed Mount an open cave, which no one had beheld in that place before that day, and he took all that he found in the temple and placed them in that cave. And when he came out of it he wrote upon its mouth an inscription in his own handwriting, and made a list of what he had placed in it, and distinguished it with signs; them he turned to look again, and could find neither cave nor sign nor writing. Thereupon he lifted up his voice in weeping and wailing and lamentation, and there gathered unto him the company of the Liwanites (Levites), and the twelve chiefs who acted with him, and likewise the seventy wise men, and they made inquiry of him as to his weeping and crying, and he informed them of what had been revealed to him. And when he explained unto them and their people, they rent their garments and beat their faces and bowed down their heads, and assembled their company and began enumerating what things God- Mighty and Powerful- had bountifully bestowed upon them, and what they now beheld of punishment and banishment and sorrow and calamity, and they did say: “Woe unto us and to our children after us, and how great is the exultation of the enemies over our misfortune! How great is the joy of the confederates over thee, O Israil (Israel)! thy guardian is taken away, and who will now look after thee? Thy prop is taken away, and who will now support thee? Thy king is taken away, and who will now help thee? Thy power is taken away, and who will now strengthen thee? The Compassionate has become angry at thee, and who will now show pity? Signs were shown for thy sake, Misr was devastated for thee, the Divine power appeared in thy behalf, the sea was divided that thou mightest cross, Fir’aum and his people perished that thou mightest be preserved, manna descended for thy sustenance, bitter water became sweet to satisfy thy thirst, the voice of the Creator was heard for thy instruction, the rock brought forth water to test thee, ‘Amlaq was put to route at thy desire, the Creator let the Divine power dwell round about thee for thy protection, and His name alighted upon thee that thy enemies might have fear of thee. He placed the pillar of cloud as a sign of His tender compassion for thee. He closed up the two mountains of the valley el-Mujib (Arnon), that thou mightest pass over safely. He destroyed Sihun and ‘Ug, that thou mightest inherit their cities and possessions. He struck with terror the kings of ‘Amman and Mab and Midyan, that thou mightest plunder their cattle. He stopped the water of the Urdun (Jordan), that He might display thy power and make prominent thy glory and exalt thy fame. He killed the seven tyrant kings, that He might give to thee their land and their cities, and their kingdoms. He gave over to destruction those who assembled together for thy slaughter. He extirpated Shaubak the son of Hamam, and those kings who were assembled with him to slay thee. He commanded the heavens and the earth to guard thee and protect thee. He removed the calamities of the skies and stars from thee and from thy county. He surrounded thee with the greatest prosperity and the largest blessing. He assigned unto thee the most exalted places, and the most glorious of which is the Gate of Paradise. He gave unto thee a kingdom in which no one boasteth besides thyself. He bestowed abundantly upon thee His grace, the like of which was never heard of in former ages. He assisted thee with His angels, and His omnipotence. He enveloped thee with His mercy, and surrounded thee with His compassion. He took thee into His keeping with joy on His part, and took thee under His protection among his own. But thou hast forsaken His worship, and renounced belief in His name, which should be exalted, and thou hast worshipped one that has not the power to remove calamity even from himself. Ye have not regarded those who became infidel, and your Lord has disregarded you. Thou did’st cover up from him, and He covered up His face from you. Our master Musa (Moses), the Prophet- the most excellent, peace be upon him- led you aright, but ye did not believe him. He informed you, but ye hearkened not unto him. He instructed you, but ye obeyed him not. Yush’a (Joshua), his disciple, made covenant with you, but ye sported with him. Whither does your flight tend? Whom will ye find refuge for yourselves? From whence will ye help for yourselves? Who will rescue you from your enemies? Ye supposed that your victory resulted from the multitude of men, when, lo, the victory was the result of good behavior. Where are those who know our leaders? Where is the one who has pity on our infants? Where is the one who hears our voices? Where is the one who makes atonement for our sins and transgressions? Where is the one who makes manifest our power? Where is the one who renders our glory conspicuous here?” And they now felt remorse where remorse profited them nothing, while their weeping became great and their lamentations violent. Thereupon they took vows upon themselves that they would commemorate this sorrow, on the second and fifth days (of the week) always, until the favor of God- glorious be His might- should return unto them. And He is the one who knows when it will return; and we pray Him to remove His anger, and let fall the veil of His protection over us, through His greatness and compassion. Lo, He is a hearer and answerer (of prayer).

   Concerning the Fast of Yom Kippur: Every Soul must fast without any relation to his or her age. But those babies that still absorb, can continue doing so even on YOM KIPPUR, but you have to understand that a mother who didn't eat for 24 hours can not still have milk for her child to absorb.  It is an important point because we cannot change the Torah wording and limit the fast by age. You can see that in the Torah, God may have wanted to clarify his specific instructions, He did that but at this issue he left it as it is. (Osher Sassoni)

   Concerning HOL HAMOED of SUKKOT: The Samaritans visit each other every day by singing, etc. (Osher Sassoni)

   Concerning a written mistake: I am sorry that I wrote the wrong date in the last Samaritan Update. It read," The Israelite-Samaritan Community sends its condolences to the American people, Government and family members of the innocent victims from the events that incurred the terrible loss of life and devastation that took place on October 11th, 2001. And the correct date is September 11th, 2001. So Sorry! (LarryR)

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