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Samaritan Calendar

of Festivals


Festival of the Seventh month: September 22, 2006


Day of Atonement:

October 1, 2006


Succoth: October 6-12, 2006


Festival of the Eight Day: October 13, 2006



Studies and Related Conferences:

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SES: In University of Papa/ Hungary in 2008.

 organised by Dr. Joseph Zsengelle'







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The Samaritan Festival of the 7th Month

As of September 22, 2006, Festival of the 7th Month, it has been 3645 years since the entrance of the Israelites into the Holy Land. The Day of Atonement for the sins of any Samaritan shall be October 1, 2006. Succoth is October 6-12, 2006. The Festival of the Eight Day: October 13, 2006.

Glass slide from Newton & Co., London, St. Louis

Publisher: Cassell & Co., La Belle Sauvage, London
Year of publication: circa 1910/ unknown to the Editor

If you are interested in the magic lantern slides see http://www.magiclantern.org.uk/index.htm



KITAB AL-HULF,  (Book on the differences between the Samaritans and the Jews) was recently purchased for EUR 300.00 from Antiquariat Theresia Stenderhoff. It is a 19th century hand written manuscript in red and black. The author is unknown at this time.

Reproduction of Samaritan Book Unauthorized

By Editor (Oct. 29, 2006)

This article was removed!!!!


Burial Caves And Sites In Judea And Samaria From The Bronze And Iron Ages.

Hizmi H. and De Grot A. (eds.) 2004.
324 pp + color Figs.
This volume contains reports on excavations of sites in Judea and Samaria dated mostly to the Middle and Late Bronze Ages, Iron Age and Persian Period. Most of the articles deal with dwelling and burial caves. http://www.antiquities.org.il/shop_eng.asp?cat_id=14

Also see the following articles

The Philatelic Service of the Israel Postal Authority has issued an exhibition sheet of a mosaic from the antiquities site at the Megiddo Prison (Legio) - May 9, 2006


A Sabbath Lampstand from Kh. Uza  by Hana Eshel and Dina Avshalom-Gorni




Research Article
Reconstruction of patrilineages and matrilineages of Samaritans and other Israeli populations from Y-Chromosome and mitochondrial DNA sequence Variation





Palestine in Pictures with the introduction by C.E. Raven, Canon of Liverpool Cathedral. The book was published in 1929 by W. Heffer & Sons Ltd. FIRST EDITION. From page 80-81?


AN INTRODUCTION TO THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF THE NEAR EAST IN ANCIENT AND RECENT TIMES. BY C. U. ARIENS KAPPERS. WITH A CHAPTER ON NEAR EASTERN BLOODGROUPS BY LELAND W. PARR. Amsterdam: N.V. Noord-Hollandsche Uitgeversmaatschappij, 1934. Contents Include: The Armenians, Khaldeans, Aissori, The Lebanese and Alouite people, The Druses; Anatolia and the Central Asiatic cradle lands of the Hurrian, Urartian and Subarean stock; Mesopotamian and other Arabs, Phoenicians, Canaanites, Hebrews, and Samaritans, Palestine and Transjordania, the Aramean migration; Persia: Kurds, Circassians, Guebers and Turkomans, Bkhtyari and Lori; Migrations of the Caspian Indo-Aryans, and their relations with Central Europe in neolithic times, and at the beginning of the metal age; Greece and the Aegean in ancient and modern times;



London: Quaritch, Piccadilly. Self Published?. RARE Limited Edition. Two volumes in one edition. Priaulx's The Indian Travels of Apollonius of Tyana was originally published in Paris around 1850. The author translated and recounted the original story written by Philostratus in 215 A.D., who in turn relied on earlier sources. During the time of Christ, Apollonius came to be the best known healer, prophet and religious authority in the known world. Apollonius was devoted to discovering and understanding all of the secret doctrines of all of the world's religions. he was known as one of the greatest travelers of antiquity. He was the first of his countrymen to visit India. The Indian Travels of Apollonius of Tyana make up the first 62 pages of this book. The remainder of the book is The Indian Embassies to Rome from the reign of Augustus, to the Death of Justinian. The book may have been rebound, as the spine does not look that old. Osmond de Beauvoir Priaulx (1805-1891) is also known for his writing of; "Quaestiones Mosaicae, The book of Genesis compared with the remains of ancient religions." No doubt he had a mystical bent and a great interest in ancient religions. Both his books deal with questions on the origins of Religions. For It is said that Apollonius of Tyana brought back to Greece the teachings of Krishna from India. Krishna, to the Greeks, was known as "Christos". It was Apollonius' writings about Krishna, that Bishop Marcian discovered in Asia Minor a century later and translated from Samaritan into Greek and Latin, to produce the first compiled "Christian" Bible. Again, there is quite a bit of goings on in The Indian Embassies To Rome, that raise many questions. I can not locate any other edition of either title, alone, or separate. It is not an overstatement to say this book is Rare. According to the authors preface, he printed a small number for his own satisfaction. There is a note (facsimile?) in the very beginning of book, for which I have no clue (see photo). Covers are paper board, possibly rebound. Top edges gilt. Tight binding, solid hinges and clean bright pages.  5½" x 7½" tall, 260 pages, including index.


QUARTUM ORGANUM, A GENETIC COSMO-CONCEPTION BY KRYPTON, PUBLISHED BY KRYPTON ASSOCIATES, NEW YORK CITY, 1949    CHAPTER XVIII. The Old Testament. Source and Nature. Introduction to—The "four sources"; the resulting confusion—The Law, the Prophets, the Hagiographa—The Targums; the Talmud; the Massorah—The Samaritan version of the Bible—


Dictionnaire Chronologique, Historique, Critique, Sur L’Origine De L’Idolatrie: Des Sectes des Samaritains, des Juifs, des Heresies, des Schismes, des Anti-Papes, & de tous les principaux Heretique & Fanatiques qui ont cause quelque trouble dans L’Eglise. Par le R. P. Pinchinat, Religieux de l’Ordre de L’Observance. Chez Pralard, Didot, Quillaud. Paris, 1736. The volume is described in the title as a Dictionary dedicated to Heresy and others who have caused trouble for the church. It is a fascinating book, published in 1736 in Paris. The book gives in list form descriptions of the groups of people that the author included as having been in some way antithetical to the structure and message of the Christian Church in history. Included in the volume are the Jews, ‘Anti-Papes’, Sects of Samaritans, of Heresies, ‘Schisms,’ and all the principal Heretics and Fanatics that have caused trouble for the Church.


The Historians' History of the World, Volume VI,  Author -Henry Smith Williams, Editor- 1904 by The Outlook Company, New York and The History Association, London. CHAPTER XLI NEW HOPE FOR THE EMPIRE: THE AGE OF DIOCLETIAN AND CONSTANTINE (286-337 A.D.) 433  The heirs of Constantine, 460. The aged Constantine and the Samaritans, 462. Last days of Constantine, 465.

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