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Vol.  VI - No.2

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The Samaritan Passover Sacrifice will take place on Mount Gerizim beginning in the late afternoon Monday on April 30th, 2007.

May 1st begins the 7 days of Unleavened Bread

with the 7th of May being the Pilgrimage to the peak of the mount.

To visit the Samaritan Passover contact yeheskel@gush-etzion.co.il with their tour to Mount Gerizim.


New Samaritans- A DOCUMENTARY on Samaritan brides from the Ukraine:

- 52 min 29 sec [22 March 2007]
For over 3,600 years, the ancient community of Samaritans have only intermarried. Today they number only a few hundred and inbreeding has caused serious problems. On the brink of extinction, their leaders take the unprecedented step of allowing two lucky men to marry foreigners. We follow them as they set off to faraway lands in search of brides. How will their new wives adapt to life in the Samaritan community?

Surrounded by old men chanting prayers and children dressed in traditional robes, Shura looks completely out of place. She smoothes down her scarlet dress and looks around the room at her new family. A few months ago, Shura was signed up by a matchmaking agency in Ukraine. Now, she has just married into the Samaritan’s First Family.

Filmmakers Efim Kuchuk and Mark Mejerson in attendance

Aramaic, Russian with English subititles

The parable of the “Good Samaritan” is well known but few realize that the Samaritans are an existing community of people which can trace their history for over 3600 years. In an attempt to refresh the blood of this ancient nation, the Samaritan spiritual leader has taken the unprecedented step of allowing intermarriage with foreigners. Follow the journey of the first two lucky men as they set off to faraway lands in quest of brides. - Jason Kmet

Director: Alexander Shabatev, Sergey Grankin, Efim Kuchuk
Producer: Mark Mejerson, Tanya Kiselevsky
Screenwriter: Alexander Shabataev, Sergey Grankin, Efim Kuchuk
Cinematographer: Alexander Shabataev
Editor: Efim Kuchuk
Music: David Krupnik

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Note on the New Samaritans film

I recently viewed the documentary, 'New Samaritans' and after it was over , I had a lose for words. All I could think was WOW! It was so very well done. I would have paid to fly someplace just to see it. It is a wonderful DVD to show your class or friends or just to add to your library. It is a great introduction to the Samaritans at this time. Buy it, it is well worth the money, trust me! I now have one! If you do not like it I will pay it from you, just to have extras to lend out to friends. Guys, you did a wonderful job on this, thank you!

I contacted Rimma Kushnir from Media Most in Israel. Rimma informed me that the producers were hoping to do more documentaries on the Samaritans and their festivals. This should be a wonderful series and will hopefully be viewed on TV in many countries around the world, but funding may be limited. So if you feel the need to help support any of their projects contact the Editor and I shall have them contact you straight away. The projects will be posted on the  of the Samaritan Update as soon as I receive them, so keep you eye open for them.

Past showings have been the Miami Jewish Film festival 2006, British BBC, Calgary Film Festival 2006, International Documentary Film festival Amsterdam 2006, to mention a few. The movie will appear at the Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival in Idaho on September 14-16, 2007. http://www.svspiritualfilmfestival.org/program_2006.php

also see:

Ancient community seeks brides abroad

By Martin Patience

BBC News, Kiryat Luza, West Bank



Gerizim (ger'uzim, gērī'–), Arabic Jabal at Tur, mountain, 2,890 ft (881 m) high, in the Samaritan Hills, in the West Bank.



Ancient Israelites Snacked on 'Pizzoh,' Historians Reveal
By Bob Michael March 26, 2007

RAS SASAFEH, Egypt. -- The discovery of an apocryphal cookbook, likely written in the time of Moses, promises to change Passover traditions worldwide.
"The Israelites had a pretty limited menu, and frankly they were bored," said Biblical scholar Ruth Meqabyan. "We have strong evidence that they began to sculpt exotic cuisine in dough in order to alleviate the crunchy boredom of matzoh."
Adornments included the addition of olives, figs, lentils, medallions of whole-roasted lamb, and grated manna.
The decorated flatbread, called 'pizzoh,' resembled Neopolitan-style thin-crust pizza. Deep-dish variants required over eighteen pounds of flour per serving.

Another cutting-edge discovery from the Weekly World News.


"Ya right; I can tell that this is not the ancient Hebrew they once used!" the Editor of the Samaritan Update


Unique Slides

Late 1910ish Magic Lantern Slide at Passover

1903 Magic Lantern Slide

All slides that you have seen in the Samaritan Update will be given to the Samaritan Museum


The Link to the updated website of the

Samaritan Museum on Mount Gerizim.



Internet links

Les Samaritains: Israeliens et Palestiniens à la fois.

Photos: ©Ahikam Seri/Lightmediation

Some wonderful photos of the 2006 Passover



The Samaritans in Time-1959



This Week in Palestine -Samaritan Article



Israeli Sings for Her Estranged People
Sunday, March 18, 2007



The Real Samaritans

MT. GERIZIM, Palestinian Territories, April 14, 2006



National Sound Archive

Az yashir Moshe National Sound Archive, Jerusalem 1966 2:9 sec
("Then Moses sang", Exodus 15:1-11). Song of the Sea with the refrain "Kharzin we-amarin" for the seventh day of the Samaritan Passover, sung by Razon and Benjamin Zedaka. Recorded by Avigdor Herzog in Jerusalem, 28.11.1966



The Samaritans of Nablus by Mohammed Mar'i



Samaritans look further afield to find their future

Samaritans on Youtube.com by Jonny Stranger



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    Zramim Vkitot Bayahadut"

    By Avraham Kurman

    Printed in 1966

    Orthodox view of different Jewish faith movements

    From content: Judaism, Hassidism, Vilna Gaon influence. Samaritan, Zadokim –Beitusim. Issim. Kraits. Yodei Mikra , Mosaraniim. Shabbathians, Haskalah . One of best accounts from the view point of orthodox Jewry.

    Soloman''s Temple and Capitol, Ark of the Flood and Tabernacle or The Holy Houses of the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Samaritan, Septuagint, Ceptic, and Itala Scriptures; Josephus, Talmud, and Rabbis. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1886 2 vols. Folio, cloth boards, gilt edges. Contains 42 full page plates and 120 text cuts. 

    Title: A Visit to Madras; Being a Sketch of the Local and Characteristic Peculiarities of that Presidency in the Year 1811.{With} Letters from Africa, by Signor Travideani, or Averiro, to Canova, the Sculptor.
    Publisher: London: Richard Phillips, 1821

    Christian Herald and Signs of our Times vol. 17, nu,36. New York September 5, 1894 'Twixt Ebal and Gerizim

    Canon Hammond, LL.B., "Samaritan Passover of 1861," Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute 36 (1904):

    Canon Garratt, M.A., "Samaritan Text of the Pentateuch," Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute 36 (1904):

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