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       The Good Samaritan and Shiloh May 29.08

Today was quite a day in the West Bank. We went to Mt. Gerizim, near Nablus (Shechem) in the West Bank. We met a Samaritan priest whose family line goes back to the beginning of the priests. Not only did we get to see the mountain, but he gave us a tour of the Samaritan Museum he created 13 years ago. Here is the picture of our visit (Husney Cohen, Stephen Bremer and Myself).


Great Passover photos from Menachem Kuchar


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Shavuot, Samaritan-style by Steve Lipman
hey celebrated the Feast of Weeks in Nablus on SuTnday a week later than usual.
They are the Samaritans, a two-millennia-old faith with Jewish roots that follows the customs of the Torah, the written law, but not the Talmud, the oral law.
Which is why their observance of Shavuot, the Feast of Weeks that marks the giving of the Torah, took place this week, a week later than mainstream Judaism marked the holiday. The Samaritans observe their holidays on different dates than Jews do; in Samaritan belief, Shavuot always comes on a Sunday.

Samaritans Observing Shavuot...on Sunday



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The Samaritans' Passover sacrifice,7340,L-3394699,00.htm


West Bank Samaritans mark Passover with blood and fire Apr 23, 2008

Cleaning the sheep-

Dmitry S. Shikhin

Israelite Samaritans mark Passover with blood and fire in West Bank

The Passover of a tiny Israeli sect BY: ARI Z. ZIVOTOFSKY Special to the CJN


Celebration of God 1 Great is the chief Power who abides forever!
Let us put on fear [dahaltah = "worship"] of him before we speak of him!
The secret is not hidden from him and everything is within his power.
He knows what was and what (is) now and what will take place.
He stands to strengthen himself, he who is not in need of anything.
He learns all secrets without learning;
and he is not discovered, but he does what he requires.
(There is) no king and no ruler who can withstand him.
YHWH, he (is) God and there is none beside him!
Great is he who is not large and all greatness belongs to him!
He taught Moses the secrets in the bush (Exod 3:2f),
which revealed his greatness and his glory!
And the angel first confronted him and spoke with him
about what was and what will take place.
  --- Marqah, Memar 1.1


From The Editor

Recently I was reading 'The Samaritans in Damascus" by Reinhard Pummer from the Samaritan, Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, Presented to Professor Abraham Tal, edited by Moshe Bar-Asher and Moshe Florentin, published by the Bialink Institute, Jerusalem. Two items caught my attention; one was that the Damascus liturgical rite was a little different then that of Shechem (pg 54). The second item concerns the Masa'il al-Khilaf (Matters of Dispute [between Samaritans and Jews] (pg58).

The Damascus Liturgy interested me because I have heard that some of the liturgy works differ now in the hands of the Samaritan-Israelites. Since manuscripts were handed down from father to son, as in some Samaritan-Israelites acquired Damascus writes. This can explain the difficulties between liturgy manuscripts. As I have not seen this liturgies, nor do I claim to completely understand them, I can only suspect that differences arise from the Shechem and Damascus manuscripts.

The first recorded book of the differences that I am familiar with is the work specified by Pummer, the 12th century, Masa'il al-Khilaf (Matters of Dispute) or Kitab al-Buhut wa-Masa'il al-Khilaf (studies and matters of dispute). Kitab (Arabic: کتاب) is the Arabic word for book. The word is also used in the Persian, Swahili (as "kitabu"), Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, In my personal library I have the handwritten work, Finhas Kitab Al-Hulf(Book on the differences or diversity) by Priest Ab Hisda (Abu'l Hassan) (d.1959). The books may have a different title but I am suspect that the contents are closely similar since the various books are the subject of the differences of the Samaritan-Israelites and other religions such as the Jewish people, Muslims and Christians written from a Samaritan-Israelite view of course.

My book most likely is a handwritten copy of a work from the hands of Pinhas ben Isaac Hacohen or also known as Pinhas b. Ishaq who died in 1898. the source of his book most likely came fro Damascus. Pinhas was a great and well respected scholar of his time and is the father of the main Levite (priesthood) family today. The Samaritan-Israelites sold many books to visitors to help support the community.



The New York Times-

3,600-YEAR-OLD CITY DUG UP AT BALATA; Traces of It Lie Below Huge Pyramid, on Top of Which Supposed...  [PDF]

JERUSALEM, Sept. 23.--Interesting discoveries have been made by Dr. Welter, who is excavating on behalf of the German Archaeological Institute at Balata and on Mount Gerizim....September 24, 1928

Samaritan Sect Doubles Numbers Over 30 Years [PDF]

JERUSALEM (Jordanian Sector), Jan. 3 -- The Samaritans, once believed to be dying out, are now increasing in number....January 5, 1964


    As the population of Nablus is just about 12,000 the little Samaritan community is almost absorbed by the surrounding Mohammedan mass. Save to a careful observer, the very existence and presence of the Samaritans as a distinct element of citizenship in Na...September 15, 1889 - Article

  •  PROOF OF BIBLE STORY SOUGHT; Archaeologists Hope to Find at Site of Ancient Shechem Evidence of the...  [PDF]

    ANOTHER searchlight is abopt to be turned on the past. Knowledge of first importance in the realm of Jewish and Christian history, together with much information concerning at least four successive periods of civilization, is expected to result....View free preview

    April 4, 1926 -


    The following translation completes the English publication of Mr. Shapira's newly discovered manuscript of Deuteronomy--which, it is now well known, has been declared a forgery:...September 3, 1883 - Article

  • AMBASSADOR HENRY MORGENTHAU IN THE HOLY LAND; He Visits Palestine and Syria and Is Given Special Pr...  [PDF]

    HENRY MORGENTHAU, American Ambassador in Constantinople, has just made an extensive trip through Palestine and Syria. He long desired to see the land which once belonged to Israel, and felt that once having been through the Turkish provinces he could, in ...July 12, 1914 - Article

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    The Samaritan Liturgy V2 (1909) (Paperback)

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    SAMARITANS' PAST AND PRESENT: Current Studies (Hardcover) by Menachem Mor (Editor)

    Hardcover Publisher: Walter De Gruyter Inc (November 30, 2008)Language: English ISBN-10: 311019497X  ISBN-13: 978-3110194975

    Dr. Leah Di Segni (Campagnano)

    List of publications: The Church of Mary Theotokos on Mount Gerizim: The Inscriptions, ibidem, 343-350


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