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     The Samaritans call themselves

    Bene-Yisrael (“Children of Israel”), or Shamerim (“Observant Ones”)



    Studies and Related Conferences:


    SBL Annual Meeting

    The 2010 Annual Meeting will be in Atlanta
    November 20-23

    The SBL Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of biblical scholars in the world.


    2011 International Meeting

    London, United Kingdom

    Meeting Begins: 7/3/2011
    Meeting Ends: 7/8/2011

    Call For Papers Opens: 10/1/2010
    Call For Papers Closes: 1/31/2011

    View the 2011 International Meeting Program Units >>
    Requirements to Submit a Paper Proposal


    Book mark the

    Samaritan Studies (EABS)



    Keep Up with the Samaritan Basketball team on FANS of Samaritan basketball team

    Community Youth Club Samaritan on


    سطورة السامرية

    האגדה השומרונית الا

    A group of young Samaritans people who is interested in their culture, heritage and the future of their small community, we establish an association which is called Samaritan myth. This association is aimed on the definition of Samaritan's culture and heritage the internal and external one.

    Security Mount Gerizim

    A group of young people keen on the security of Mount Gerizim

    Both groups can be found on

    and see




    Important Links


    Samaritan Museum on Mount Gerizim.

    New Samaritans-

    A DOCUMENTARY on Samaritan brides from the Ukraine



     Have you purchased your book lately?


    Notices Of The Modern Samaritans: Illustrated By Incidents In The Life Of Jacob Esh Shelaby (1855) by Jacob Esh Shelaby and Edward Thomas Rogers (Paperback - Mar 20, 2009) 


    Forth Coming Books


    The English Translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch


    Update on the English Translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch  publication date

    April 15, 2011


      The first-ever English translation of the Samaritan Pentateuch, prepared by Benyamin Tsedaka WILL be published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company  




    New Guest Center

    On Thursday, December 30th, 2010, will be the opening of the new Guest Center on Mount Gerizim that will include a permanent photographic exhibition that embodies the Good Samaritan Heritage Club and first-class center for first aid and religious schools in addition to a lecture hall for visitors and cultural films and among other things.

    Thank you to Aabed Cohen for sharing this information.


     Samaritan Sukkot 2010

    סוכה שומרונית   2010

    Sukkot was celebrated at the Booth Festival - Friday, October 22, 2010 to The Eighth Day of Assembly - Friday, October 29, 2010



    The Samaritans celebrate Sukkot

    The Samaritans living in the Palestinian Territories are one of the smallest and oldest communities in the world. They number no more than 743 individuals half of whom live at the summit of Mount Gerizim in the city of Nablus while the other half live in the Holon region of Tel Aviv. This small ancient community yesterday began what is known as the Festival of Tabernacles or Sukkot. Continue reading:

    Samaritans mark holiday of Tabernacles

    Ancient sect holds pilgrimage ceremony on Mount Gerizim.

    By Haaretz Staff

    The Samaritans, members of an ancient sect closely associated to Judaism, marked the holiday of the Tabernacles, or Sukkot, on Friday.

    Continue reading:


     Samaritans celebrate Sukkot on Mount Gerizim near Nablus yesterday. Continue reading:

    Samaritans lead a procession across a road on Mount Gerizim, above the city of Nablus in the northern West Bank, early 22 October 2010 as they celebrate Sukkot. Continue:

    Sukkah Samaritan’s Style

    The Samaritan sect celebrate Sukkot every year, just as the world’s Jews do. There are however, several differences, making the Samaritan sukkah a unique experience. Continue reading:



    The Israelite Samaritan Version of the Torah: First English Translation Compared with the Mesoretic Version [Hardcover]

    Benyamim Tsedaka (Translator), Sharon Sullivan Dufour (Translator), James H. Charlesworth (Introduction), Emanuel Tov (Foreword)

    Product Details

    • Hardcover

    • Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company (April 15, 2011)

    • Language: English

    • ISBN-10: 0802865194

    • ISBN-13: 978-0802865199



    Samaritans Opera - video excerpt

    Incontro con Yuval Avital

    L’opera "Samaritani" presentata in prima mondiale al MiTo

    di Claudia Cefalo
    domenica 19 settembre 2010 - NSC anno VI n. 24


    Israel shows off its new finds

    By eTN Staff Writer | Oct 15, 2010

    (eTN) - Israel's Ministry of Tourism unveiled four archeological finds in a release called “What We Dug Up This Month.”

    A 1,500-year-old Samaritan Synagogue was uncovered last month during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority southwest of Beit She'an. Among the discovered items in the synagogue include a 16.5-by-20-foot rectangular hall which faces southward toward Mount Gerizim, a Samaritan holy site, as well as a colorful mosaic decorated with a geometric pattern. The center of the mosaic contains a Greek inscription that reads "this is the temple," providing archeologists with evidence that the synagogue had played an important part in the lives of the farmers who inhabited the surrounding region, serving as a center of spiritual, religious and social life. Continue reading:


    National Geographic magazine has been preparing a feature story on David and Solomon.  They took photographs of the unique Passover observances of the Samaritan community.

    Check out the December 2010 Issue of National Geographic Magazine



    Want to translate something!





    Samaritan Pentateuch (Hebrew, tagged)
    Check out the packages listed below which include this module.
    Details For Mac Users
    The Hebrew text of the first five books of Moses, as preserved by the Samaritan community. This Accordance edition is morphologically tagged by Martin Abegg and Casey Toews, and conforms to the Ben Hayyim concordance.


    Anyone that has a Samaritan font for Mac, please contact the editor



    “For Good Remembrance before God in this Place”: Tracing the Concept of ’Good Remembrance’ in Semitic Inscriptions from the Late Persian and Hellenistic Period and in the Hebrew Bible

    Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme

    Paper presented at the 2010 EABS annual meeting in Tartu, Estonia.

    During the Mount Gerizim excavations which were carried out between 1983 and 2006 under the direction of Yitzhak Magen a Yahwistic sanctuary and a Hellenistic city were uncovered at the site of Mount Gerizim. Some four hundred inscriptions were found in and around the temple precinct, presumably belonging to the second building phase, i.e. the early second century BCE.



    Mas1o Papyrus Paleo Fragment ("Mount Gerizim")
    David K. Geilman, and E. Jan Wilson
    Provo, Utah: Maxwell Institute

    Description and Background

    Mas1o is the only scroll fragment in the Masada exhibit that is written on papyrus. It is distinctive also because it is written in the paleo-Hebrew script by two scribes. One scribe wrote on the "front" side of the fragment, the other on the "back" side. In his preliminary report of the excavation, Professor Yigael Yadin noted that the script of this fragment is similar to that of the coins found in the same location as the fragment.1

    Of the fragment's few discernible words, the phrase joyful singing occurs in three consecutive lines. These lines are followed by a line containing the place-name Mount Gerizim. This fragment has been identified as a Samaritan document because of the unique way Mount Gerizim is written. Because Mount Gerizim is a sacred site for Samaritans (the site of their temple), they adopted the practice of writing these two separate words as one word. However, Hebrew texts of non-Samaritan origin keep the two words separate. Thus the fragment can confidently be identified as Samaritan in origin. Scholars have tentatively identified it as a liturgical document because of the references to joyful singing.

    Continue reading


    'Atiqot Publication of Israel Antiquities Authority Now Online


    A Review of Samaritan Scribes and Manuscripts

    A word from the Editor

       I have many books on the Samaritans, on different subjects, but one of my now favorite books after The Samaritans edited by Alan Crown is another book, Samaritan Scribes and Manuscripts also by Alan Crown. I should have purchased it sooner. Anyone that has an interest in the Samaritan Israelites will also be interested in the scrolls of Torah and other written manuscripts. Crown's work illuminates the scribes, and so many diverse Samaritan manuscripts that the work can only be realized as incredible to say the least. As for me I get excited reading it.

       Many of the Samaritan family names, I had never heard of. The literature, dates, explanations and even corrects of the studied manuscripts is eye opening. The research, individual manuscript studies must have taken an enormous about of time.

    Alan Crown, the book is really remarkable, I really do thank you!

    The book is  Samaritan Scribes and Manuscripts was published in 2001 by J.C.B. Mohr. You can buy the book at


    You tube link



    Notice sur deux fragments d'un Pentateuque h?breu-samaritain rapport?s de la Palestine par M. le s?nateur F. de Saulcy.
    Barg?s, Jean Joseph L?andre.

    Der Hebraische Pentateuch der Samaritaner (5 volumes)
    Von Gall, August Freiherrn

    The Book of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy in The Samaritan Version of the Pentateuch - Copied By Hand from a 13th Century Manuscript By Abraham Nur Sadaqah
    Sadaqah, Abraham Nur

    The Samaritan Molad Mosheh: Samaritan and Arabic Texts with Introduction and Notes. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Philosophy, Columbia University.
    Miller, Selig J.

    AN ACCOUNT OF THE SAMARITANS; in a Letter to J---- M------, Esq.

    The Karaite Halakah and its relation to Sadducean, Samaritan and Philonian Halakah (Part 1). Revel, Bernard.

    Jt) Samaritan) Marqah; Hermann Baneth.

    Selections from the Pentateuch in the Samaritan Version.
    S. Talmon.

    Hamursuz Bayraminin Tarihi (Passover History) Agada De Pesah written by Eliya Gayus Printed in Istanbul 1940s 48 pages

     mentions Samaritans and Mount Gerizim

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