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January 3rd 2002

State of Israel declared Recognition

    During our last meeting with Mr. Moshe Katzav President of Israel, the High Priest Shalom b. Amram has invited him to come to the Mountain at the middle of January 2002 to be the guest of honor to the special party for his 80th birthday. It was in October. At the meantime President Katzav apologized for not fulfilling the invitation due security problems in the area between Jerusalem and Mount Gerizim, but instead he suggested celebrating the High Priest Shalom birthday in his place the house of the Presidents of Israel. To say it shortly: On January 21, Monday 12:00 noon will be the party in Jerusalem, Isn't this amazing? It will be the high level recognition of the State of Israel towards the enormous specific gravity of the Samaritans in the Land of Israel.

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In the Focus of Political Activity: establishing Mount Gerizim as

the "Island of Peace" of the Middle East.

   The co-editor of the A.B. - The Samaritan News, Mr. Benyamim Tsedaka, has returned to Israel from a two months journey to Europe and to the USA.   High Priest Shalom b. Amram b. Yitzhaq, had given his blessing to the trip, with a particular stress on political meetings intended to promote the social and political future of the Samaritans between Israel and the Palestinians.  Meetings with top echelon members of the American administration were conducted to this end in Washington, as well as with their high level colleagues in the British administration in London. In the American capital, to use the language of American diplomacy, Benyamim met with the persons in charge of the Israel and West Bank portfolios, with Senator R. Bennett, who is associated with Israeli affairs in the American Senate and with the staff of Senator J. Helmes, who chairs the  Foreign Relations Committee in the American Senate.  In London, Benyamim met with the officials in charge of Israeli and Palestinian affairs in the British Foreign Office, with MP E. Liegh and with Lord E. Avebury, Vice Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the British Parliament. The meetings in London have set up by Mr. W. Wong of Jubilee Campaign for Human Rights. The political situation of the Samaritans was described in those sessions, their "non splendid" isolation on Mount Gerizim, their being severed from both  Israelis and Palestinians, the decline in economic conditions, the need to secure the roads leading to Mount Gerizim from Nablus and from the center of the country and the necessity to expand the Samaritan living area on Mount Gerizim. After a terrorist attack on Mount Gerizim at the beginning of September 2001, the Israel Defence Forces cut off the road leading to Kiriyat Luza from Nablus.  The only road left stretches at the center of the country, moving upwards from the southern region through the Israeli settlement of Beracha and thence to Kiriyat Luza. This road too, however, is closed to Israelis and other travelers who wish to travel to Mount Gerizim.  Thus the Samaritan Museum, the archeological site in which millions of dollars were invested by Israel, and the shops and restaurants in the Samaritan neighborhood on the mountain are empty and desolate. This grim reality in its turn raises even more the tension in the region.


Mount Gerizim - Island of Peace [Insula  Pacis].

   Benyamim made it clear that obstructing visitors from Mount Gerizim, whatever the political situation in the region may be, is detrimental to the peace and safety of the Samaritans, as well as their social and economic conditions. Therefore it was suggested that in their communications with the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority the American and the English officials will make an endeavor for Mount Gerizim to be declared an "Island of Peace," in the sea of hatred that Judea and Samaria have become. Let Mount Gerizim become a "Geneva of the Middle East", a Samaritan Peace Center that will welcome anyone who wishes to ascend it and visit it.  The following requirements are needed for the success of this idea:

   A. Israel and the Palestinians will work for a complete safety of access roads to Mount Gerizim from Nablus and from Israel. Arafat has complete control over the Palestinian forces in the area. During the last week of 2001 Arafat spoke of the Samaritans as "The Samaritan Jews of Palestine" who constitute and example of communal life with the Palestinians. The Palestinian Legislative Committee of eighty-eight Palestinian Parliament members including a seat for a Samaritan representative (at present High Priest Shalom).

   B. Both Israelis and Palestinians will make possible the ascent of Israelis, foreign tourists and Palestinians to Mount Gerizim after going through security checks in checkup stations. Breaking up the road from Mount Gerizim to Nablus will be discontinued and an Israeli checkup roadblock together with a Palestinian roadblock will be placed at the point where the road had previously been cut off, until a permanent agreement is reached between Israel and the Palestinians. The Samaritans too are not interested in the penetration of terrorists within the boundaries of Mount Gerizim.

   C. The Samaritans are offering themselves as a bridge of peace among the peoples of the region. The community center on Mount Gerizim will be prepared as a Samaritan Peace Center, with an invitation to host the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians or any other Arab nation in the region. It is not required to travel as far as Oslo, Geneva or the United States. The Mountain of Blessing is an ideal place for conducting peace talks.

   D. In order to establish Mount Gerizim as the Island of Peace the Superpowers will undertake to assure the political and social future of the Samaritans by expanding their living area on Mount Gerizim to around 2000 dunams [the Samaritan living area has remained unchanged in the past 250 years]. Thus, the future of the Samaritans in general and of the new generation of the community in particular will be secured.  The clause of increasing Samaritan living area has already been incorporated into the draft of the permanent agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  It is in accord with the Six Clauses Agreement written by Benyamim Tsedaka, which had been delivered after consulting with the leaders of the Samaritan community to the superpowers, to Israel and to the Palestinians.  The contents of the Samaritan addendum to the temporary agreement include the issuance of a special laissez passer card for Samaritans traveling from Israel to the Palestinian Authority and vice versa, which will be recognized by both Israel and the Palestinians.

    The representatives of the British and American governments gave our requests serious consideration in our talks.  Officials of the American Foreign Office assured us they would place these issues on the addenda of the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority with the clarification that the United States Government supports these requirements.  The idea of declaring Mount Gerizim a center of peace, or an Island of Peace was accepted enthusiastically by British officials.  Lord Avebury and MP Liegh will ask the British Government to reach a decision on the implementation of this request.  Lord Avebury is also of the opinion that no party can object to ideas of peace.  It has been agreed that during the coming months the British, who are a part of the European bloc, will move an initiative, together with Samaritan cooperation, to enlist the support of the European Union in the establishment of the political, social and economic future of the Samaritans.


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Religion of the Sect: The religion of the Samaritans is original, and Adam grew up following this religion, and he was ordered that it should be kept with its language, and he dictated it to Noah who kept it in memory, and he added to it biddings and forbidding which he was inspired by the God’s angels, as also God’s friend, Abraham, peace be upon him, who was the first preacher of the oneness of God in the whole world, and the first person who was ordered to execute the operation made to genital organs for hypurposes (Khitaneh). This religion was transmitted from one prophet to another until it reached the apostle our lord Musas son of Imram, peace be upon him, He kept in memory all the religious ceremonies conveyed to him from his ancestors, and all the religious ceremonies inspired to him. He brought forward the Holy Book and all its Chapters; namely the Origin of  Creation, (Genesus), Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. On these chapters the Samaritans depend without any increase or decrease from the original copy of the Holy Book found in their possession, and it is the oldest hand written pamphlet found in the whole world. It is written on skin by the great priest Ebisha’ son of Phinhas son of Eliazar son of Aaron our lord Moses’ brother. This copy is three thousand and six hundred years old (3600 yrs). Samaritans now carry out all its orders and decreed and verses as far as possible. The faith of the Samaritans is built on five foundations;

a)      Belief in the oneness of God.

b)      Belief in the Message of our lord Moses, peace he upon him.

c)      Belief in the Old Testament (Pentateuch) as a book sent by God and the execution of all its decrees.

d)      Belief in Gerizim mount as being the pilgrimage place of God, and the world direction to which the people should direct their faces, and that it is specialized for offering offerings and the carrying out of all religious ceremonies.

c)      Belief in the day of Resurrection, the Day of Judgment, in which every human soul is tried according to its deeds of         

             good and evil. From these foundations issues meanings which cannot be 

             mentioned in detail, not with standing that which the Bible bids and forbids of 

             purifications, foods and marriage.

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Written material from 1907-1908 by Jacob ben Aaron, the Samaritan High Priest. I cannot locate “Circumcision Among the Samaritans,” “The Messianic Hope of the Samaritans,” and “The Samaritan Sabbath.” Any help would be appreciated to finish my collection of his works. Please contact Shomron at .

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