December 5, 2002


  • Rabbin and Veronica, a New Samaritan Couple

  • International Conference:

  • Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church

  • Commonly Known Plan of Mount Gerizim



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Rabbin and Veronica, a New Samaritan Couple

   Article by Osher Sassoni

Photos by our staff Photographer- Eyal Cohen

   On Monday, November 11th, 2002, Rabbin Yehoshua made the final wedding step (nissu'in) and married Veronica, forming a new couple in the community of Holon. The wedding was at the Samaritan club in the Samaritan neighborhood in Holon, where Priest,  Assaf Cohen read the  Ketubbah (the marriage contract) to the public. A reception was held at a public Weddings Club near the neighborhood.

   Rabbin Yehoshua  is a 34 years old, that works at a print factory. Veronica is 27 years old Russian immigrant, who came up to Israel some years ago. She met Rabbin three years ago and has lived in the neighborhood for the  last year in order to learn Samaritans customs. After she agreed to become a Samaritan, they then agree together to marry ('erusin).

   In the second picture is Rabbin reading the story from the book of  Genesis, of the meeting between Rebecca and Isaac, the night before the wedding.  We all  wish Health to his Father Benjamim, the elder of his family who fell and broke his leg a few days prior to the wedding. May he have a speedy recovery. Our congratulations to Rabbin and Veronica, his father Benjamim, his brothers and sisters: Yitshak,  Rahel and Lea, may God bless them all.

 Assaf Cohen is Back

  This past Sabbath Assaf Cohen returned as the official cantor to the main synagogue in Holon after a recent heart attack. He is doing well! Thank God!

International Conference:

Mandaic und Samaritan Literature in Memory of Rudolf Macuch

Berlin, 1.-2. October 2003

 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

   It will be a year next July since the tenth year of Rudolf Macuch's death (1919-1993), of the important explorer of the Mandiac and Samaritan language and literature. In his honor, the institute for Semitic and Arabic where he had taught till 1992, would like to hold a commemoration ceremony in cooperation with the Institute for Iranistik.  On this convention both the special fields- the Mandiac and Samaritantic- R. Mancuch had been working at most intensively ought to be focused in particulars.

    If you have a topic on one of these fields that you would like to report on, we would be grateful to let us have the title until the end of the year. An informed announcement would also be appreciated if you would like to be present at the meeting without any contribution of your own. The meeting (conference) are to be held in Berlin 1-2 October 2003. For both subjects one day is scheduled each. You will get further information in a 2nd letter from your enrollment. We hope for a presence in large numbers and for a good success. With best regards, Rainer Voigt Maria Macuch: (Translated by Wolfgang Tornow)


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

    Im nächsten Juli jährt sich der zehnte Todestag von Rudolf Macuch (1919-1993), des bedeutenden Erforschers der mandäischen und samaritanischen Sprache und Literatur.  Ihm zu Ehren möchte deshalb das Seminar für Semitistik und Arabistik, an dem er bis 1992 gelehrt hat, in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Iranistik eine Gedenkkonferenz ab-halten. Auf dieser Tagung sollen insbesondere die beiden Fachgebiete, mit denen sich Rudolf Macuch am intensivsten beschäftigt hat, die Mandäistik und die Samaritanistik, im Mittel-punkt stehen. Wenn Sie ein Thema zu einem der beiden Gebiete haben, über das Sie gerne berichten möchten, wären wir Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn Sie uns bis zum Ende des Jahres den Titel mit-teilen könnten. Eine formlose Anmeldung erbeten wir auch für den Fall, daß Sie ohne eigenen Beitrag an der Tagung teilnehmen möchten. Die Konferenz soll von 1. bis 2. Oktober 2003 in Berlin stattfinden. Für die beiden Fachgebiete ist jeweils ein Tag vorgesehen. Weitere  Informationen werden wir Ihnen nach Ihrer Anmeldung in einem zweiten Brief zukommen lassen. Wir hoffen auf ein zahlreiches Erscheinen und ein gutes Gelingen der Tagung.

 Mit freundlichen Grüßen  Rainer Voigt Maria Macuch

 Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church

 by Penrhyn Stanley-1884

Photos by Alvin B. Garley- 1930

    Presently, suddenly, there appeared amongst the worshippers six[1] sheep, driven up by the side of the youths before mentioned. The unconscious innocence with which they wandered to and fro amongst the bystanders, and the simplicity in aspect and manner of the young men who tended them, more recalled a pastoral scene in Arcadia, or one of those inimitable patriarchal tableaux represented in the Ammergau Mystery, than a religious ceremonial. The sun, meanwhile, which hitherto had burnished up the Mediterranean in the distance, now sank very nearly to the farthest western ridge overhanging the plain of Sharon. The recitation became more vehement. The Priest turned about, facing his brethren, and the whole history of the Exodus from the beginning of the plagues of Egypt was rapidly, almost furiously, chanted. The sheep, still innocently playful, were driven closely together. The setting sun now touched the ridge. The youths[2] burst into a wild murmur of their own, drew forth their long bright knives, and brandished them aloft. At this instant[3] the recitation from the book of Exodus had reached the account of the Paschal Sacrifice; and the Priest recited in a louder key, to be heard distinctly by the sacrificers , ‘And the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.’ In a moment the sheep were thrown on their backs, and the flashing knives rapidly drawn across their throats. Then a few convulsive but silent struggles,- ‘as a sheep- dumb- that ‘openeth not his mouth,’ –and the six forms lay lifeless on the ground, the blood streaming from them; the one only Jewish sacrifice lingering in the world. In the blood the young men dipped their fingers, and a small spot was marked on the foreheads and noses of the children. A few years ago, the red stain was placed on all. But this had now dwindled away into (page 463) the present practice, preserved, we are told, as a relic or emblem of the whole. Then, as if in congratulation at the completion of the ceremony, they all kissed each other, in the oriental fashion, on each side of the head. Whilst this was going on, the first stanza of an alphabetical poem was recited, and the account of the original continued.

[1] Seven sheep is the usual number.- Domestic Life in Palestine, 250.

[2] ‘The whole assembly shall kill it “between the two evenings”’ (Ex. xii. 6). ‘Thou shalt sacrifice the Passover at ‘evening at the going down of the sun’ (Deut. xvi. 6)

[3] I have taken this incident from Professor Petermann (i. 238).


Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church. In Three Volumes, Vol I. Charles Scribner’s Sons New York, 1884, Pages 460-467, Appendix III, The Samaritan Passover. Pictured in the 1920 Passover photo are seven sheep. The whole article will soon appear on our web site!

MAPPING HUMAN HISTORY: Discovering the Past through Our Genes
by Steve Olson

   Steve Olson has proven his abilities as a geneticist at the Institute for Genomic Research and the National Academy of Sciences. "Mapping Human History" celebrates the similarities and differences of humankind that have developed over the past 150,000 years. If at times hypothetical, Olson's work draws from genetics, linguistics, religion, and anthropology to explain why humans cannot be subdivided into more than one race. Explaining the theories behind everything from a mitochondrial Eve, the survival of Samaritans in Nablus, and the intentions of Herman Hesse's Siddhartha, Olson dares to pull from many sources across several generations. His ideas are compelling, his research staggering, and his conclusion – that "we are members of a single human family, the products of genetic necessity and chance" – reinforces a belief in human equality and the possibility of world peace. (292 pp.) By Elizabeth Armstrong
Hardcover: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.00 x 9.40 x 6.38

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Co; ISBN: 0618091572; 1st edition (May 15, 2002)

Commonly Known Plan of Mount Gerizim

    This commonly known plan displayed above has been used for reference in many books concerning the Samaritans and their location of Holy sites, used on their pilgrimages. The site map has found it's place in Moses Gaster's book, The Samaritans, Their History, Doctrines and Literature, Appendix VI on page 199. This scanned photo is from Arthur Penrhyn Stanley's work, Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church, volume I, section of Appendix III, page 167. Today the Samaritan Passover is in a different location (toward the bottom of the map which would be north). The map is a little rough in the positioning but still informative. (Shomron)

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