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March 28th, 2002


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Samaritans Maintaining The Ritual of Sacrificing the Passover in 1934

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The Problem of the Patrilineal or Matrilineal Decent and Inter-Marriage

According to the Samaritan and Rabbinic Halakah

By Michael Corinaldi

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Offers for sale two paperback books by John Bowman concerning the Samaritans. Samaritan Documents: Relating to Their History, Religion and Life of 370 pages, containing interesting reading, selling for 15.00 US dollars. For $20.00 you receive 169 pages of The Samaritan Problem: Studies in the relationship of Samaritanism, Judaism and Early Christianity. Both books are well worth the money and are filled with Bowman’s knowledge of the Samaritans. The books may be ordered online or they can be obtained by phone: (408) 224-6777 or FAX: (408) 224-6686.

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Literary Remains of the Late Emanuel Deutsch

With a Brief Memoir

Henry Holt and Company, NY,1874


Chapter XVI.

On the Samaritan Pentateuch.




The Return of the Diaspora Samaritans to Nablus at the End of the Middle Ages

By Nathan Schur

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The Samaritan Delegation

   A Samaritan delegation headed by the High Priest of the Samaritan Israelite People Shalom b. Amram and Benyamim Tsedaka the Director of A.B. - Institute of Samaritan Studies will come on April 1, 2002 to the seat of the European Union to conduct meetings with its representatives to promote the idea of developing Mount Gerizim, the sacred Mountain of the Samaritans at the middle of Samaria/The Holy Land, as a Peace Center.

   The delegation, will include representatives of Samaritan committees from Holon in Israel and Kiryat Luza, the Samaritan neighborhood on Gerizim Mountain. The delegation is intended to meet with representatives of Spain, which is currently the President of the EU, and other leading countries in the EU who have positive relations with both Israel and the Palestinian authority.

   The delegation will present a series of ideas for the development of Mount Gerizim as "The Island of Peace¡ in the sea of violence and hatred around it, and for the future of both sectors of the Samaritan community, in Holon and in Kiryat Luza.

   The 7 members of the delegation are:  The High Priest Shalom b. Amram[80] which is also hold since January 1996 the special seat of the Samaritans in the Palestinian Authority Council as one of its 88 members. High Priest Shalom is the eldest one in family of priest and became High priest on May 23, 2001. The brothers Benyamim[57] and Yefet[55] Tsedaka, Editors of A.B. - The Samaritan News and directors of A.B. - Institute of Samaritan Studies.  Yisra'el Altif[55] - The secretary of the committee of Kiryat Luza Samaritans. Naphtali Tsedaka[38] - The secretary of the committee of Holon Luza Samaritans.  Ovadia Cohen [38] and Asher Cohen [38] – both Members of Kiryat Luza Committee.

   John Bowis and the Jubilee Campaign, a human rights pressure group lobbying to protect children's rights and the persecuted church, are hosting the group of visitors from Samaria between the 31 March - 4 April. Agenda of meetings for the Samarian Delegation to European institutions, Brussels.  All enquiries should be directed to

The Passover Sacrifice will take place on

Friday evening, April 26th this year.

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‘The Celebration of Passover by the Samaritans’

By Ya’aqov Ben Uzzi Ha-Cohen


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The Book of Enlightenment For the Instruction of the Inquirer

PART 1 /Jacob, Son of Aaron, (Concerning the origin and significance of the ceremonial year, the time of the institution of the Passover and the Passover when the date falls on the Sabbath.)

Passover with the Samaritans on Mount Gerizim /Larry Rynearson

The Prophecy of The End Of the Of Days By The Prophets Of Judah Is Realized Every Passover At Kiryat Luza/Benjamim Tsedaka

An Article from an Old Newspaper

   I just happened to find this article in an old Newspaper. The following article gives no claim to authorship. The person appears to have been in Nablus in 1854 and was concerned about the Samaritan sect located there. The author spent a fair amount of time in the area with the people. The following article in the English paper may have been the power behind the movement that changed the condition in Nablus. The 1855 readers may have been the pressure to push Great Britain’s ambassador to Istanbul and the foreign secretary in London to support their Jerusalem consul, James Finn in changing the conditions in Nablus. This happened around that time. A Samaritan by the name of Jacob esh Sheaby had fled to London close to this period. He may be the source or even the author. To find the English Newspaper that carried the article would be exciting, if it gives a name. Maybe someday someone may find the English author’s name. Till then, enjoy his brief thoughts. See Nathan Schur’s article, ‘The Modern Period (from 1516 A. D.)’ (pp. 120-124) in ‘The Samaritans,’ edited by Alan Crown.



Samaritans and their Pentateuch

Christian Advocate and Journal, T. Carlton & Z. Phillips, Publishers, NY,

Thurs. January 18, 1855. Vol. xxx, no. 3, (Newspaper)

Whole number 1481,

Found under Religions Summary, page 10.


   One “who has sat by Jacob’s Well” writes thus to a London paper:- “I am surprised to see a statement of the exertions making, or about to be made, on behalf of the Samaritans, without any notice of the extent of the relief required. Have the kind-hearted people who have taken up their cause any idea of their numbers? If they have not, they ought to be told, and if they have, they ought to tell. Seven years since the number of Samaritans was one hundred- viz, sixty at Nablous, and forty elsewhere, most of whom were at Genoa. I state this from personal knowledge, as far as it could be obtained from the Samaritan elders themselves, in their own synagogue at Nablous. The Nablous people are the most intolerant Mohammedans that can be met with, and it was only in deadly fear of Ibrahim Pacha that they would open their gates at all to Christian or Jew; and they don’t pretend to understand the difference between the Jews and the Samaritans. To us who do, the question is, first, How to secure the life and welfare of the little remnant of Samaritans who cannot be expected to leave their Mount Gerizim, which is to them the temple which cannot be moved forever, and where they go up to worship as devoutly as ever the Jews did in Solomon’s Temple. And the next question is, as to what steps should be taken to secure, whenever the dwindling sect expires, their inestimable MS. of the Pentateuch. They preserve it with religious care; and it is carefully mounted on parchment, and no human touch ever profanes the ancient vellum. Biblical scholars should take timely notice of the present condition of the sect, with a view to the ultimate acquisition of the precious Samaritan version. There is no chance of the preservation of the sect, for its numbers are always on the decline, and the catastrophe cannot be very far off. Perhaps a few words from Constantinople would keep the Nablous fanatics in order; and then a very small amount of charity would sustain the remnant at the foot of Gerizim. Those who are at Genoa, must, of course, take care of themselves. Whatever is done, let a careful watch be kept upon that old MS., inestimable for reasons which no ecclesiastic, historian, or theological student needs to be told.”

Full Photo of the Samaritan

Marble Inscription.

   Clive Farahar and Sophie Dupre, the owners of the marble inscription, featured in the last two Samaritan Update have graciously e-mailed me a photo the Samaritan Marble Inscription that was the dedication stone formerly placed over the doorway of an ancient Samaritan synagogue at Shechem. We have scanned the photo and placed it at the following link:


   Any one interested in purchasing the marble inscription may contact Clive Farahar and Sophie Dupre at or visit their web site at


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