September 26, 2002
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It is Time

   It has been on my mind for some time now that people have been requesting information and also how can they help the Samaritans. It is time! Time to start an international social organization that would benefit the Samaritans in more ways than one. No one person can achieve as much as a group of concerned associates standing up and announcing to the world that the Samaritan-Israelites are still alive today living in Israel, and still celebrating on their Holy ground, Mount Gerizim. 

    The main purpose of this proposed organization would be for sustaining the Samaritan way of life and for educational purposes. The safety of the Samaritans ia a major factor that needs attention and assistance in these troubled times of the West Bank, in Israel. The knowledge of the Samaritans still living on mount Gerizim, to the world would help ensure their security and survival.

   The educational knowledge of the Samaritans would be needed with many questions that would be challenged. The group would help to finance, translate and publish Samaritan writings and sponsor further Samaritan education, both from the Samaritans and also from individual scholars and organizations such as the Society of Samaritan Studies. Further, arranging lectures for specific functions to educate the populous.

   One of the first items on the list would be a documentary film on the Samaritans. It would feature the Samaritans and their religious life on mount Gerizim and Holon. Samaritans and scholars and everyday people like you, might be interviewed or used in the commentary. An outlet for this documentary is already be in the works. I have been also working on a small booklet for beginning education of the Samaritans that will be capable of being downloaded on the internet. Further help on this project would also be appreciated.

   The organization will be connected to our web site,  and also use the Samaritan Update for informational functions. Written articles will be displaced in the Samaritan knowledge center.

   Only one organization in the past, the American Samaritan Committee assisted the Samaritans but somehow lost its enthusiasm. You can be a part of something great and wonderful from the ground up, something you can look back at and be very proud of. It will not be limited, any one can be a part of it. But first, the group needs your ideas, a valid name, membership guidelines, etc. So please e-mail me with your thoughts at 



   The President of Israel told thousands of Israelis who came to greet him in his Succoth Festival open house; "The history of the Jews and the history of the Samaritans were always integrated hand in hand."  These words have sealed a wonderful event which with other interesting matters has exposed the Samaritan Succa and the Samaritan Issues to 7,271 visitors.

   Fulfilling the will and request of President Moshe Katzav, a Samaritan Tabernacle [a Sukkah] was especially built for the first time in the courtyard of the Israel Presidential Residence alongside the Masoratic Jewish one, in accordance with the blessed custom of the Presidents since the establishment of the presidency to make a one day open house with presidential reception to receive the personal blessings of the Succoth Festival from many thousands of people from different social and religious groups in Israel as well as visitors from abroad.

   This year the open house took place on the Succoth week day, Monday, September 23, between the hours: 10 A.M. - 13:30 P.M. and 16 P.M. till 18:30 P.M.. President
Katzav and his wife greeted visitors in both tabernacles with great happiness and smiles and let them photograph the special moment as a lasting souvenir.

   The President requested adding theSamaritan-Israelite Tabernacle and was intended by him with his personal interest and friendship to the Samaritan People, to show to the People of Israel everywhere the specialty and originality of the Samaritan-Israelite Tabernacle. Many Israelis and visitors from abroad among then one thousand new Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union countries described the Samaritan Succa as the highlights of the event.

   The main difference between the Samaritan Succa[Tabernacle] and the Jewish Masoratic one is that the Samaritan Tabernacle is built from the four species of plants [beautiful fruits, open palm branches, thick leafed trees and willows of the brook] whereas in the Jewish one the species are held IN the Succa. The difference is prominent when the visitor is astonished to see hundreds of kilograms of different beautiful fruits hanging from the ceiling of the Samaritan-Israelite Succa.

  Every effort of cooperation was made between the Presidential Residency and the "A.B. - Institute of Samaritan Studies", together with the Committee of the
Samaritan Community in Kiriat Luza/Mount Gerizim and the Kiryat Luza Samaritan Youth Club executive to do their utmost to complete the Succa on time. Young Samaritans came on Sunday, September 22 to the courtyard of the Presidential Residency to build the Succa and make it ready for the next day.

   The Priests of the Samaritan People, senior priest Aharon b. Ab Hisda and priest Abraham b. Phinhas b. Masslih have greeted the visitors in the Samaritan Tabernacle and gave special blessings to many of them under their request. Three of the five members of the Samaritan Committee on Mount Gerizim, Secretary Israel Altif, member Ovadia Cohen and member Asher Cohen have made their efforts to successfully explain the Samaritan issue to thousands of visitors through the whole day. Five representative of the Samaritan youth, Azizeh Altif, Abbud Altif, Tamir , Roey and Bari Tsedaka as well as drivers Said and Abraham Tsedaka helped in organizing the Succa to the great number of visitors. President Katzav thanked personally brothers Benyamim and Yefet Tsedaka for the beautiful participation of the Samaritans in the Open House and expressed his hope that the Samaritans will participate in next year's same event.

   President Katzav came up with the idea two years ago and that all the preparations had already been completed on September 2000, but then the second Palestinian El Aqsa Intifada had violently started and the Samaritans had to delay it to a better time. (A. B. News Services) aslo see the Jerusalem Post article:

 Proposed New Book

   For the first time ever in the History of publications of the Samaritan Studies in Holon Israel comes the idea for a wonderful new book. It will contain the whole Samaritan Historical sources with written testimonies and thousands of official documents. Ancient inscriptions describe the history of the Israeli-Samaritans from the Creation and mainly from Joshua the son of Nun till the year 2000 C.E. Updates to the day of publishing will be in four languages, Ancient Hebrew, Modern Hebrew, Arabic and English. The first two languages are already in progress of publishing. It contains indexes of personal names, Family names, places and contains. Written, collected and edited by Benyamim Tsedaka of Holon Israel. Proposed publishing will be 2002-04 with 850 columns with over 100 pages of illustrations and documents. Copies will be limited: Modern Hebrew- 2000, Ancient Hebrew- 250, Arabic 500 and English 2000 copies. Reserve your copy or copies now! Contact Benyamim Tsedaka at  A. B. News Services

Photo of the Tabernacle drawing

   I have been wanting to place a photo of the Tabernacle drawing along with the article The Sanctuary and Holy Vessels in Samaritan Art by James Purvis. So here it is finally, an enlarged photo is also available by clicking on the photo. It will me added to his article. Professor Purvis suggested the wonderful idea. Thanks Mr. Purvis!  (Photo from the Messianic Hope of the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron, pg. 24) (Shomron)

The article by Judith Fein, Who will Help the Good Samaritans, will be posted in our Hebrew Section of our Knowledge Center as soon as it is translated into Hebrew! Our New addition and Translator is Guy Tsabary.

Thank you!
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