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Samaritan Religion and Beliefs

·         Brief Theoritical Points Of View About The Samaritan Sect Of Nablus By Atef Nagi- Samaritan Priest & Yusef Abu-El-Hasan-Cohan

·         Mount Gerizim Bet El and Jerusalem by Israel Sedaka - Holon - Israel

·         Mount Gerizim, The One True Sanctuary, by Jacob, son of Aaron

·         Circumcision among the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron 1908

·         The Celebration of Passover by the Samaritans by Ya’aqov Ben Uzzi Ha-Cohen

·         Differences between the Jews and Samaritans by Shomron

·         Samaritan-Israelites religion by Shomron

·         Responses to the False Myths of the Samaritans by Shomron

·         The Samaritans Walking Between The Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Raindrops 
By Efrat Tsedaka, Translation by Shadi Sirhan and Stephen Kaufman
·         The Impurity and the Purity Laws among Samaritans, by Osher Sassoni 2008

·         To Let the Different Authorities to Hear What is Pleasing Then is the Worst Politics That Will Effect the Samaritan Community in the Long Run Samaritan News 2011

·         Seven Stations From the Reed Sea to Mount Sinai- The Common Point By: A.B. -  Samaritan News Services 2011


Samaritan Calendar Articles

·         The Samaritan Calendar 2008


English Translated Samaritan Books

·         Book of Enlightenment For the Instruction of the Inquirer By Jacob, Son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans, Nablous, Palestine. Translated by A. Ben Kori [Pacific University] Edited by William E. Barton.

·         The Messianic Hope of the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans Translator from the Arabic by Abdullah Ben Kori, Professor of Arabic at Pacific University Edited with an Introduction by William Eleazar Barton, Reprinted from the Open Court, May and Sept, 1907

·         The Samaritan Chronicle Or The Book of Joshua, the son of Nun. Translated by Oliver Turnbull Crane, 1890

·         Circumcision among the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron 1908

·         “The History and religion of the Samaritans,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. Photo before no pg #, 385-426, (see cover) Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 63, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1906

·         Mount Gerizim, The One True Sanctuary,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. 489- 518, Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 64, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1907

·         “The Samaritan Sabbath,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. 430- 444, Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 65, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1908

·         A Critical Edition and Translation of the Ancient Samaritan Defter (i.e.liturgy) and a Comparison of it with Early Jewish Liturgy. Translated by Solomon Brown, PhD thesis, University of Leeds. 1955 (Sabbath day prayers)



Samaritan Literature and Scholarly Translation


Online Samaritan Bibliography 2014

Compiled by Larry Rynearson


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Abraham Ecchellensis, see Haqilani, Ibrahim


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#349. Alternative link” The War and the Samaritan Colony  


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