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A Bibliography of the Samaritans accessible from web page, PDF page

All references below are included.

Reference numbers (#) are given for the latest issue of

A Bibliography of the Samaritans, Third Edition, Revised, Expanded, and Annotated,

by Alan David Crown and Reinhard Pummer, ATLA Bibliography, No. 51,

The Scarecrow Press, Inc. Lanham, Maryland, Toronto, Oxford. 2005



Samaritan Religion and Beliefs

·         Brief Theoritical Points Of View About The Samaritan Sect Of Nablus By Atef Nagi- Samaritan Priest & Yusef Abu-El-Hasan-Cohan

·         Mount Gerizim Bet El and Jerusalem by Israel Sedaka - Holon - Israel

·         Mount Gerizim, The One True Sanctuary, by Jacob, son of Aaron

·         Circumcision Among the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron 1908

·         The Celebration of Passover by the Samaritans by Ya’aqov Ben Uzzi Ha-Cohen

·         Differences between the Jews and Samaritans by Shomron

·         Samaritan-Israelites religion by Shomron

·         Responses to the False Myths of the Samaritans by Shomron

·         The Samaritans Walking Between The Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian Raindrops 
By Efrat Tsedaka, Translation by Shadi Sirhan and Stephen Kaufman
·         The Impurity and the Purity Laws among Samaritans, by Osher Sassoni 2008

·         To Let the Different Authorities to Hear What is Pleasing Then is the Worst Politics That Will Effect the Samaritan Community in the Long Run Samaritan News 2011

·         Seven Stations From the Reed Sea to Mount Sinai- The Common Point By: A.B. -  Samaritan News Services 2011


Samaritan Calendar Articles

·         The Samaritan Calendar 2008


Translated Samaritan Books

·         Book of Enlightenment For the Instruction of the Inquirer By Jacob, Son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans, Nablous, Palestine. Translated by A. Ben Kori [Pacific University] Edited by William E. Barton.

·         The Messianic Hope Of The Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron, High Priest of the Samaritans Translator from the Arabic by Abdullah Ben Kori, Professor of Arabic at Pacific University Edited with an Introduction by William Eleazar Barton, Reprinted from the Open Court, May and Sept, 1907

·         The Samaritan Chronicle Or The Book of Joshua, the son of Nun. Translated by Oliver Turnbull Crane, 1890

·         Circumcision Among the Samaritans by Jacob, son of Aaron 1908

·         “The History and religion of the Samaritans,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. Photo before no pg #, 385-426, (see cover) Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 63, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1906

·         Mount Gerizim, The One True Sanctuary,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. 489- 518, Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 64, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1907

·         “The Samaritan Sabbath,” by Jacob, son of Aaron pp. 430- 444, Bibliotheca Sacra, Volume 65, July, Oberlin, Ohio, London: Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner and Co., 1908

·         New A Critical Edition and Translation of the Ancient Samaritan Defter (i.e.liturgy) and a Comparison of it with Early Jewish Liturgy. Translated by Solomon Brown, PhD thesis, University of Leeds. 1955 (Sabbath day prayers)



Samaritan Literature and Scholarly Translation




Amitay, Ory

·         The Use and Abuse of Argumentum Silentio- Case of Alexander in Jerusalem 2010


Anderson, Robert T. [Michigan State University]

·         The Michigan State University Samaritan Collection 1984

·         The Elusive Samaritan Temple 1991

·         The Keepers 2002 with Giles, Terry


Bowman, John  [Melbourne]

·         The Samaritans and the Book of Deuteronomy 1958

·         Samaritan Decalogue Inscriptions  1951


Brindle, Wayne A. [Grace Theological Seminary]

·         The Origin and History of the Samaritans 1984


Charlesworth, James

·         What is a Variant? Announcing a Dead Sea Scrolls Fragment 2010


Cogan, Mordechai

·         We, Like You, Worship Your God: Three Biblical Portrayals of Samaritan Origins 1988


Conder, Claude R.

·         Samaritan Topography (Palestine Exploration Fund) 1875

·         The Survey of Western Palestine w/ Charles Warren 1878


Corinaldi, Michael [Jerusalem]

·         The Problem of the Patrilineal or Matrilineal Decent and Inter-Marriage According to the Samaritan and Rabbinic Halakah 2001


Cowley, Arthur E.

·         The Samaritan Doctrine of the Messiah (The Expositor) 1895

·         Samaritana 1904


Crown Alan

·         Samaritan Literature and Its Manuscripts 1994

·         Manuscripts, Cast Type and Samaritan Palaeography 1991

·         The Morphology of Paper in Samaritan Manuscripts 1990

·         Studies in Samaritan Scribal Practices and Manuscripts 1986

·         The Rate of Writing Samaritan Manuscripts 1984

·         Samaritan Minuscule Palaeography 1981

·         Problems in Epigraphy and Palaeography: The Nature of the Evidence 1980

·         Samaritan Majuscle Palaeography II 1979

·         The Abisha Scroll of the Samaritans 1976

·         The Samaritan Diaspora To The End of the Byzantine Era 1974

·         New Light on the Inter-Relationships of Samaritan Chronicles 1972

Deutsch, Emanuel

·         Literary Remains of the Late Emanuel Deutsch- On Samaritan Pentateuch 1874


Deutsch, Robert

·         A Note on a Medallion of Antonius Pius 2010


Eliasov, Rabbi Monty  [Austin, Texas, USA]

·         The New Twelve Tribes of Israel  2008


Everson, Michael & Mark Shoulson

·         Proposal to add the Samaritan alphabet to the BMP pf the UCS 2008


Eyer, Shawn  [John F. Kennedy University]

·         Kadosh Samaritan 2003


Feldman, Louis H.

·         Josephus' Attitude Toward the Samaritans 1990


Franz-Klauser, Von Olivia

·         Samaritanerforschung im 19 2008 (German)


Fryer, Alfred C.

·         An Enscribed Stone From Shechem, 1895


Gaster, Moses:

·         N The Asatir the Samaritan book of the "Secrets of Moses" 1927

·         A Samaritan Scroll of the Law 1901.

·         Buch Josua in Hebraisch-Samaritanischer 1908

·         A Samaritan Book of Joshua 1908.

·         Popular Judaism at the Time of the Second Temple in the Light of Samaritan Traditions 1908

·         The Asatir [microform] the Samaritan book of the "Secrets of Moses"" 1927

·         The Samaritan Hebrew Sources of The Arabic Book of Joshua  1930

·         Rites and Beliefs of the Samaritans relating to Death and Mourning 1940

·         N Massoretisches im Samaritanischen 1906


Giles, Terry

·         The Keepers 2002 with Anderson, Robert T. [Gannon University]


Grabbe, Lester L.[University of Hull]

·         The Samaritans in the Hasmonean Period


Gray, Frederick T. (Publisher),

·         Samaritan and Hebrew Pentateuch. 1826


Halkin, A.S.

·         Samaritan Polemics Against the Jews 1936


Harrison, R.K.

·         The Biblical Problem of Hyssop 1954


Harvianinen, Tapani

·         How did A. Firkovich Acquire the Collection of Samaritan Manuscripts 1994

·         The Acquisition of the Samaritan Collection by A. Firkovich in Nablus 2003


Hjelm, Ingrid [University of Copenhagen]

·         The Samaritans in Josephus’ Jewish “History” 2000

·         Shiloh and Shechem: Competing Traditions? 2002

·         Currents in Biblical Research What do Samaritans and Jews have in Common 2004


Hofman, Shlomo

·         Samaritans 2008


Ireton, Sean

·         The Samaritans: Strategies for Survival of an Ethnoreligious Minority in the Twenty First Century’ 2003


Jamgotchian, Haroutun

·         N The recently discovered and other unpublished Arabic fragments of the Samaritan Pentateuch from the collection of the Russian National Library (Saint Petersburg)  2001


Karagiannis, Christos G.

·         The Expansion of Mediterranean Judaism and the Synagogue at ...Delos 2011


Katrine, Anne, de Hemmer Gudme

·         Before the God in this Place for Good Remembrance 2011


Kaufman, Stephen  [ Tel Aviv University]

·         Samaritan Political Identity - Part I

·         Samaritan Political Identity - Part II 1998


Knoppers, Gary N.  [The Pennsylvania State University]

·         Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Zion: A Study ...  2004


Kosinski, Rafal

·         Samarytanie W Cesarstwie Rzymskim W Drugiej Polowie V Wieku 2011 (Polish Article: Samaritans in the Roman Empire on the Second Half of 5th century


Landau, David

·         Ancient Synagogues in the Holy Land - What Synagogues?


Levinson, Bernard, M.

·         Textual Criticism, Assyriology, and the History... 2001


Lipiński, Edward [Brussels]

·         Governors and High Priests of Samaria and Jerusalem in the Persian Period 2010


MacDonald, John [University of Glasgow]

·         An Unpublished Palestinian Tradition About Muhammed 1969

·         Pentateuch, Samaritan 2008


Marag, Dan

·         Samaritan Writing and Writings 2009 (see chapter 12)


Matassa, Lidia

·         Unraveling the Myth of the Synagogue on Delos 2007


Nevin, John W.

·         A Summary of Biblical Antiquities....The Samaritans 1849


Powels-Niami, Von Sylvia

·         Die Samaritaner ihre Geschichte, Religion und Literatur


Pummer, Reinhard [The University of Ottawa]

·         The Samaritans In Egypt

·         How to Tell a Samaritan Synagogue from a Jewish Synagogue. (off site)


Purvis, James D. [Boston University]

·         The Sanctuary and Holy Vessels in Samaritan Art


Robertson, Edward

·         Notes and Extracts From the Semitic Manuscripts in John Rylands Library


Rynearson, Larry

·         The Days of Passover with the Samaritans on Mount Gerizim 2000

·         The Last High Priest and a Pentateuch of 1624 CE 2012


Schattner-Rieser, Ursula

·         The Samaritan Pentateuch in the light of präsamaritanischen 2009


Schorch, Stefan [Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg]

·         Determination and the Use of the Definite Article in the Samaritan... 2003

·         The Origin of the Samaritan Community 2005

·         The Latent Masorah of the Samaritans 2010

·         The Samaritan Version of Deuteronomy 2011


Schur, Nathan [Tel Aviv]

·         The Return of the Diaspora Samaritans to Nablus at the End of the Middle Ages

·         The Tsedaka Family:


Schreiber-Humer, Monika

·         The Comfort of Kin: Samaritan Community, Kinship, and Marriage 2009


Seri, Ahikam

·         Les Samaritains (photos) 2006


Shehadeh, Haseeb  [University of Helsinki]

·         Book Review New Catalog for One and Sixty Samaritan Manuscripts 2012

·         Samaritan Tales 2011

·         On a Manuscript of 'Kitab al-Hulf' by Hadr (Finhas) b. Ishaq al-Hiftawi 2011

·         The Samaritan High Priest 'Imran ben Salama and His Poem Against Mubarak al-Mufarragi, Who Became a Convert to Islam in 1841, 2011

·         The Synopses from Haseeb Shehadeh  2010

·         One Fifth of the Tiny Samaritan Community in Nablus Died in Plague of 1786

·         The Samaritan High Priest Shalma [1784-1855] And the Arab Tailors of Nablus

·         A Case of Palestinian Arab Justice between Minority and Majority (see above)

·         Sema and not YHWH and its Brothers in Samaritan Arabic Literature

·         The Acquisition of the Samaritan Collection by A. Firkovich in Nablus 2003

·         Salameh B. Ghazal, The High Priest & Hussein' Abd U-Hadi, Governor of Nablus 2002

·         How did A. Firkovich Acquire the Collection of Samaritan Manuscripts 1994


Shoulson, Mark

·         The Torah: Jewish and Samaritan Versions 2006 (preview of book)

·         Proposal to add the Samaritan alphabet to the BMP pf the UCS 2008 Everson, M.


Silva, Etelvino Richardo da

·         Os Samaritanos, Quem Eram E O Que Criam 2008


Sullivan (Dufour), Sharon

·         Variants in the Samaritan Pentateuch of the Hebrew Bible as Compared to the Masoretic Text 2009

·         Samaritan Passover 2011 2011

·         Interview with Sharon Sullivan 2011


Sussman, Varda

·         The Samaritan Oil Lamps From Apollonia-Arsuf 1983

·         Secular and Religious Life in the Holy Land in the Roman... 2003


Tal, Oren [Tel Aviv University]

·         A Winepress at Apollonia-Arsuf: More Evidence on the Samaritan Presence in Roman-Byzantine Southern Sharon. 2009

·         A Re-Appraisal of the Archaeological Findings 2010 and Taxel, Itamar

·         Socio-Political and Economic Aspects of Refuse Disposal in 2012 and Taxel, Itamar


Terkan, Fehrullah [Ankara University, Turkey]

·         The Samaritans (al-Samiriyyun) and Some Theological Issues Between Samaritanism and Islam


Thiessen, Matthew

·         4Q372 1 and the Continuation of Joseph's Exile 2008


Thomson, W. M.

·         The Land and the Book, 1896


Tov, Emanuel

·         Rewritten Bible Compostions 2008


Tsedaka, Benyamim [A.B. The Samaritan News, Holon]

·         The High Priesthood and the Israelite Samaritan Priests 2012

·         The Jewish and Samaritan Legends About the Lost Tribes 2012

·         The Samaritan Households at the Present 2012

·         Ratson b. Benyamim Tsedaka 2012

·         From Our Heritage 2012

·         Truth of the Samaritan Version of the Pentateuch is Becoming Clearer 2012

·         The Division of Authority Amongst the Leadership of the Samaritan People Helped Their Survival 2011

·         The Third Publication of the Comparative Text of the SP and MT, Not Recommended for Use 2011

·         What is the Difference Between Priests of Rhuta to Priests of Fanuta 2011

·         Shifman: "The Language of the Shelved Dead Sea Scrolls, which were revealed in Kumran, is later then the language of the known versions of the Torah. ["A.B-The Samaritans News"]

·         How The Israelite Samaritans Pronounce The Name of God?

·         Authentic Inscriptions on Mount Gerizim vis-vis Forged one in Jerusalem

·         The Israelite-Samaritans 2011

·         The Division of Authority Amongst the Leadership of the Samaritan People Helped Their Survival [A & B Editorial] Issue no. 1090-1091 15.7.2011

·         To Let the Different Authorities to Hear What is Pleasing Then is the Worst Politics That Will Effect the Samaritan Community in the Long Run Samaritan News 2011

·         Seven Stations From the Reed Sea to Mount Sinai- The Common Point By: A.B. -  Samaritan News Services 2011


Tsedaka, Roey - Holon

·         The Honesty of Moses 2011


Warren, Charles

·         The Survey of Western Palestine w/ Claude Reignier Condor 1878


Weis, P. R.

·         Abu'l-Hasan Al-Suri's Discourse On The Calendar In The Kitab Al-Tabbakh, Rylands Samaritan Codex IX  


Wilson, Captain Charles William

·         Picturesques Palestine 1881 2 vols in article


Wilson, Capt. and R. E. Warren

·         The Recovery of Jerusalem, A narrative of Exploration.... (on Jacob's Well 1871)

·         Underground Jerusalem:  A Visit to the Samaritans By Charles Warren 1876

Yousef, Hussein Ahmad & Barghouti, Iyad

·         Minority Under Occupation, The Sociopolitics of the Samaritans in the Palestinian Occupied Territories 1996


Travels Articles & Misc.

·         Exercitationes anti-morinianae de Pentateucho samaritano by Johann Heinrich Hottinger 1644

·         The Life & Death…..James Usher by Nicholas Bernard 1656

·         A Complete History of the Canon L.E. Dupin 1699

·         De Samaritanis, eorumque templo in monte Garizim aedificato, ... Andreas Conrad Werner, Justus Friedrich Wilhelm Zachariae 1723

·         The Religious Ceremonies Jean F. Bernard 1731

·         Journey From Aleppo to Jerusalem By Hen. Maundrell 1732

·         The Jewish Spy by Marquis D’Argens 1766

·         The Evangelical Magazine 1803

·         A Journal From Aleppo to Jerusalem by Henry Maundrell 1812

·         The Jewish Expositor,  Antoine Isaac Silvestre De Sacy 1816,

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·         Travels in Palestine, By J. S. Buckingham 1821

·         Italy by Lady Sydney Morgan 1821

·         American Missionary Register Rev. Mr. Connor 1821

·         The Christian Herald and Seaman's Magazine: By Mr. Wolff 1822

·         The Religious World Displayed by Robert Adam 1823

·         Missionary Journal and Memoir of Rev. Joseph Wolf, Missionary to the Jews. 1824

·         The Religious Intelligencer, Journal of Mr. King. 1824

·         The Missionary Herald, Mr. Fisk 1824

·         The Modern Traveller by James Duncan; 1824

·         N Pilgrimages in the East, In the Years 1815 and 1816 by Otto Frederick von Richter 1825

·         Christian Researches in Syria and the Holy Land by William Jowett, J. Greaves 1826

·         Christian Researches by Rev. William Jowett 1826

·         The Samaritans by Thomas Hartwell Horne 1827

·         Memoir of the Rev. Pliny Fisk, by Alvan Bond, 1828

·         Samaria and Samaritans 1829

·         The Correspondence of Isaac Basire by W.N. Darnell 1831

·         Scripture Natural History by W.M. Carpenter 1833

·         Origines Hebrææ: By Thomas Lewis 1835

·         Illustrations of Jerusalem and Mount Sinai by Francis Arundale 1837

·         Incidents of travel in Egypt, Arabia Petraea & Holy Land, by John L. Stephens 1837

·         Travels in the Three Great Empires by C.B. Elliot 1838

·         Lectures on the Criticism By Herbert Marsh 1838

·         The Churchman Thames Ditton, 1839

·         Bibliotheca Sussexiana by Thomas Joseph Pettigrew 1839

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·         Palaeographia Sacra Pictoria 1845

·         Poetry of the Samaritans by Stephen M. Vail, 1846

·         The Christian in Palestine by Henry Stebbing 1847

·         The Lands of the Bible Visited by John Wilson 1847

·         Travels in the East by J. Hawes 1847

·         Samaritan Text of the Septuagint By the Rev. W. Fitzgerald 1848

·         A Summary Of Biblical Antiquities, by John W. Nevin, 1849

·         A Pilgrimage to the Land of My Fathers by M. Margolioth 1850

·         Hebrew Records: By John Allen Giles 1850

·         The East: Sketches of Travel in Egypt and the Holy Land By J. A. Spencer 1850.

·         The use of the Samaritan Language by the Jews by Richard Sainthill 1851

·         Lands of the Moslem: By El-Mukattem 1851

·         The Communion of Saints. By H. B. Wilson, Oxford. 1851

·         A tour in South Africa by Joseph John Freeman. 1851

·         The Numismatic Chronicle Edited by John Younge Akerman, 1852

·         Yusef; Or The Journey Of The Frangi: A Crusade In The East  J. Ross Browne. 1853

·         Narrative of a Journey Round the Dead Sea and in the Bible Lands in 1850 and 1851 by F. De Saulcy. 1853

·         Discoveries in Egypt, Ethiopia,... By Dr. Richard Lepsius, 1853

·         The Journal of Sacred Literature Edited by John Kitto 1853

·         Journal of a Deputation sent to the East, Lay Member 1854

·         Christian Advocate Samaritans and their Pentateuch unknown 1855

·         The Lands of the Saracens by Bayard Taylor 1855

·         The Popular Biblical Educator The Remnant of the Samaritans 1855

·         Christian Advocate and Journal, Samaritans and their Pentateuch 1855

·         The Methodist The Samaritan of Nablous.1855

·         A Diary of a Journey to the East: of 1854, By William Beamont,1856

·         The Friend of Israel (Samaritans) by W. Richie 1856

·         Syria, and the Syrians; By Gregory M. Wortabet, 1856

·         The Evangelical Repository; Edited by Joseph T. Cooper, 1856

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·         The Samaritans by George Williams 1857

·         Tent Life in the Holy Land by William C. Prime 1857

·         The Tent and the Khan by Robert Walter Stewart 1857

·         Egypt and the Holy Land By Jesse Ames Spencer 1857

·         The Land of Promise by Horatius Bonar 1858

·         Heathen and Holy Lands by Captian J. P. Briggs 1859

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·         Evangelical Christendom 1860

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·         Travels and Adventures of the Rev. Jofeph Wolff,; 1861

·         The Dublin Review 1861

·         A Pictorial Tour in the Holy Land by Albert Isaacs 1862

·         Friends Review (Samaritan Passover) by J. P. Newman 1862

·         The Handwriting of God by Rev. D. A. Randall 1862

·         The History of the Jews By Henry Hart Milman 1863

·         Travels in Palestine. 1863

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·         The Quarterly Journal of Prophecy by unknown 1864

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·         The Land of the Gospel: By Edmond Dehault de Pressensé 1865

·         Philip in Palestine by M.A. Edwards 1865

·         Stones Crying Out by L. N. R. (Ellen Henrietta Ranyard) 1865

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·         Palestine Exploration Fund 1866

·         A Fortnight’s Ride East of Jordan 1866.

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·         Innocents Abroad: Mark Twain visits Palestine in 1867  by Mark Twain, 1868

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·         Samaritans Passover Feast in 1880 1881

·         The Ride through Palestine By John W. Dulles 1881

·         The World: Round It and Over It by Chester Glass 1881

·         Memoir of Henry Venn by William Knight 1882

·         Modern Samaritans Sacramento Daily Record-Union -Monday July 10, 1882

·         Samaritans Passover Feast in 1880 1882

·         On a Manuscript Fragment by Isaac Hall 1882

·         Our Holiday in the East by Mrs. George Sumner 1882

·         The Samaritans in Syria. unknown author 1882

·         Travels in the Holy Land By Dr. Freese 1882

·         Egypt, Palestine and Phoenicia by Feliz Bovet 1883

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·         Lectures on the History of the Jewish Church by Arthur P. Stanley 1884

·         Among the Holy Hills By Henry M. Field, 1884

·         Worship in Heaven: Samaritan Passover by J. G. Norton 1884

·         The Samaritan Passover, 1861 by Joseph Hammond 1884

·         A Land March From England to Ceylon Forty Years Ago by E. L. Mitford 1884

·         Half Hours in the Holy Land by Norman Macleod, 1885

·         The Scottish Geographical Magazine, by H. Webster & A. White,  1886

·         Samaritan Customs by C. R. Conder 1886

·         Christian Thought.... Edited by Charles F. Deems 1886.

·         The Marriage of Near Kin, By Alfred Henry Huth 1887

·         Haifa: or, Life in modern Palestine By Laurence Oliphant 1887

·         Walford's Antiquarian Magazine Edited by G. W. Redway, 1887

·         The Oldest and Smallest Sect in the World By the Rev. John F. Hurst, 1889.

·         Under Ten Flags, An Historical Pilgrimage By Z. T. Sweeney 1889

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·         The Thinker there are 5 articles with different authors 1892

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·         The Biblical World A. Walker 1893

·         The Newbery House Magazine 1893

·         The Texas Doctor and the Arab Donkey: By Joseph Marstain Fort 1893

·         Littell’s Living Age The Samaritan Passover by Alex R. Macewen 1894

·         St. Martin’s-Ie-Grand by unknown 1894

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Bonus web pages

·         The Internet Resource for Samaritan Manuscripts and Inscriptions Including Internet Website Locations by Shomron

·         The Samaritan/English Vocabulary by Shomron

·         Samaritan Findings From The Village of Antasyon In The Byzantine Period by The Archaeological Kfar-Saba, Museum of Kfar-Saba Municipality



Bonus: Original Scanned Books from & other online sources, FREE in PDF

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·         De Foenicum literis, by Guillaume Postel 1552

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